Nightmare in the north-east Atlantic!

Save the pilot whales!

3,960 pilot whales and 615 dolphins have been driven ashore and cruelly slaughtered in the Faroe Islands in the past five years. An average of 800 pilot whales  are killed each year.

But in 2008,  no pilot whales were killed.  That year,  Faroese health leaders warned that the meat and blubber was so contaminated with toxic pollutants  like mercury and PCBs that it is not safe for human consumption. These same contaminants have been linked with a number of serious health issues that are found in the Faroese population.

In 2013,  a staggering 1,104 pilot whales and 430 dolphins were killed in 12 whale drives or grinds as they are known, even though these  pollutants pose a serious threat to the health and survival of the whales as well as the people eating the whales’ meat and blubber.

Please help our campaign to end this cruel tradition. Every purchase of our special pilot whale and other soft toys supports our work to help protect these wonderful animals.

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Campaign WhaleVigil for the dolphins 2009

Campaign Whale is working hard to stop the cruel, outdated and unnecessary commercial whaling industry once and for all. We are a well-respected, influential organisation that will not compromise over the killing of these beautiful, intelligent creatures.
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